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Alpha—is there a God?

Explore life, faith, meaning—try Alpha.


Questions of Life

If we are honest, we all wonder about these sorts of questions from time to time. If you have such questions, then we would love to meet you. No pressure, no expectations – either on a Sunday morning or at an Alpha course we would love to give you the opportunity to ask anything you like.

The Alpha Course

Ever wanted to explore the meaning of life or ask challenging questions about the Christian faith? Maybe you're just curious about church stuff and want to find out more. We don't care about your background, we welcome all those big questions, and best of all, it's free!

What to Expect

Alpha Meal

A Meal

Enjoy a free meal at the beginning of each evening, giving you a chance to get to know others, relax and enjoy yourself.

Alpha Talk

A Talk

Each evening there is a talk addressing a key issue such as 'Why did Jesus die?' and 'Does God heal today?'

Coffee & Discussion

Coffee & Discussion

After the talk there is time for a drink and discussion where you can ask any questions and there is nothing you can’t say or ask (seriously).

Next Course

For more info about our next course please email us.

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